5 galleries:
"bring in the closer"
69 photos
photos by Luke with
Metal Disco Photography
"miko's seduction spell"
23 photos
"the dojo guardian"
42 photos
"an assassin's appetite"
28 photos
"the double bendo"
36 photos
6 videos:
"The Love Seat"
length: 8:21
length: 3:57
music: LEMZ
"Bring In The Closer"
length: 4:46
music: trapped under ice
"The Dojo Guardian:
part 1 of 2
length: 4:38
music: the year of the dragon
"The Dojo Guardian:
part 2 of 2
length: 4:44
music: the year of the dragon
"The Double Bendo"
length: 5:02
music: dualistic nature

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